I want to interview you!

As we approach 1,500 signatures again I want to say thank you, you're amazing.

Also, I'm posting this because I need your help with a little project. I am in the early stages of putting together a new audio podcast, which will discuss antidepressants and withdrawal. As part of the podcast, I want to interview people to get the real experiences of someone who has either tried to come off or who has stopped completely. As well as users experiences, I want to interview practitioners/professionals about the alternatives to the biomedical model of treatment and also about the worrying trend of increasing antidepressant prescribing.

What I need is a 20 minute slot to interview you via Skype, you could see the questions in advance and you can even be anonymous if you wanted to.

I have already interviewed Professor John Read and Dr. David Healy, amongst others. There is a huge amount of positive promotion of antidepressants out there, but very little which tells the real story. I want to help change the balance.

If you wanted to find out more, or you were interested in being interviewed, please email me on
feedback@jfmoore.co.uk I am planning on making the podcast available by mid to end of March. Thanks so much for your time, for your signatures and for your support.


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Since we have now achieved over 1,400 signatures, I wanted to celebrate with another update. Thank you, so much for your support it means a great deal.

In addition to the BBC Radio 5 Live programme that was transmitted on Sunday 12 Feb, the BBC put together short video clip from the show, please share this clip with your family, friends on Facebook or Twitter or by email. Depression and Anxiety are difficult things to discuss so openly but I am aware that there are many struggling who cannot talk about these things. This video has had over 7,700 views so far which is amazing, please share it as far as you can.


If anyone does want to listen to, or download, the entire programme, it can be found here…


So, once again thank you for your support, you are helping to make a real difference and awareness of withdrawal from prescription drugs is gradually increasing.

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Radio 5 live programme

For those that are interested, the full BBC Radio 5 live programme on antidepressants can be accessed here..

BBC Radio 5 live investigates

Thank you.

BBC Radio 5 live investigates

As we approach 1,400 signatures, I wanted to let you know that BBC Radio 5 live are broadcasting a programme on antidepressants on Sunday 12 February from 1100 to 1200 (also available as a download after the event). I am interviewed as part of the program. If you could listen in that would be great, if you felt like making contact with the show to share your experiences that would be even better.

Here's a link to the programmes web page:

Contact details are:
Phone 0500 909 693
SMS 85058
Twiter: @BBC5live

Thank you, as always, for your signatures and your support.

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