1,000 signatures - a huge milestone

My family and I are so grateful to you for all for signing and supporting this important petition. Reaching 1,000 signatures demonstrates how many are struggling and that we need to take action that results in practical help for users of antidepressants. This community has been instrumental in raising awareness and I can't thank you enough for your contribution.

I'm absolutely thrilled by the response so far but I want to press on, 1,000 supporters is fantastic but we need more. Please share this petition as widely as you can, share it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, share it on any groups or forums that you are a member of. Ask your family and friends to share it too. We need to demonstrate that this is an issue affecting many people who currently lack the support they need.

Thank you so much, onwards and upwards! #taperingkits

100 signatures
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