Episode 10 Kevin P Miller talks about his documentary films Generation Rx (2009) and Letters From Generation Rx (2015) which tell the powerful stories of families harmed by their psychiatric medications


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In this episode we discuss:
  • How Kevin came to make his powerful films that document the real experiences of people taking psychiatric drugs
  • The coverage of the 1991 Prozac hearings in Washington D.C. before the Food and Drug Administration
  • How the power of the testimonies of people harmed by their medications drove Kevin to tell their stories and how difficult a process it was
  • How Tilda Swinton came to be involved as narrator of the film
  • Reaction to the film, particularly from Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • How examples of people who used vitamins and nutrition to help their mental health caused outrage amongst the medical community
  • That there are millions of people being harmed because of the lack of the relevant information that would allow patients to make informed choices about their medications
  • How tax payers money is used to bring medications to market and how little is spent on research into nutritional approaches
  • How free trade and healthcare are intertwined
  • The concept of medical freedom of choice
  • That we should devote a small mount of time and money to alternative approaches and how it could help millions of people without the risk of adverse effects
  • Discussions around Folic acid and how earlier action could have prevented many neural tube defects
  • The plans for the film Letters from Generation Rx including distribution
  • How people can join the mailing list at lettersfromgenerationrx.com
  • There is additional news and information at facebook.com/lettersfromgenerationrx
  • That we should recognise that some people find the drugs helpful
  • How people can use the information in the film to question their doctors and their legislators

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